15th of October, 2021, Marseille - France

Today in Marseille the Delegates's Assembly of CTIF, The International Association of Fire & Rescue Services was held. The annual report, budget and other activities of the organization was presented. The meeting was led by president, Milan Dubravac.

Presentation of International fire brigade competition 2022 was presented by deputy president of Firefighting Association of Slovenia, dr. Janja Kramer Stajnko. Delegates are looking forward to promote the city of Celje and Slovenia.

Firefighting Association of Slovenia renewed contacts with other member states and thanked Albert Kern, president of the Austria Fire Brigade Association, for all help and support provided in the past years.

We were pleased to meet new president of the German Fire Brigade Association, Karl-Heinz Banse.

We would also like to welcome new CTIF members, Canadian firefighters.