foto. Gregor Katič

Celje – a town with glorious history and a bold gaze into a sustainable future

Celje, the proud host of this year’s Firefighting Olympics Celje 2022 taking place from June 17 to 24, is Slovenia’s third largest city. It is the administrative, cultural, educational, business, economic, tradeshow, and tourist hub of the Savinjska Region. In its appearance, it interweaves its ancient Roman and mediaeval heritage with a modern and neatly designed environment. While the town takes pride in its glorious history, the Municipality of Celje is decisively focusing its work on developing a smart green town that is friendly to all generations.

Over the last two decades, Celje has made a major developmental breakthrough, relying on European funds and contributions from the national and local budget. In 2004, the wastewater treatment plant was built to process the wastewater from Celje and the surrounding area, which was the first project co-financed with European funds. This was followed by many other significant projects that altered the image of the town and contributed towards a more beautiful environment and better quality of life.

Like other developed European cities, Celje has been recently focused on sustainable development as its current generation is looking to leave behind a modern, pleasant, and healthy living environment for the generations to come. Several electric vehicle charging stations were installed, and ten buses running on environmentally friendly compressed natural gas were purchased, co-financed from the Public Environment Fund – the Eco Fund. Working with the public enterprise Energetika Celje and supported by European funds, the town also built a modern compressed natural gas fuelling station. A Park&Ride hub was set up, and the public bicycle rental system KolesCE was expanded as it grew exceptionally popular among the local population. New safe cycling lanes are being built and designated in the town and its surroundings, and the town is working with neighbouring municipalities on constructing regional cycling routes. Sustainable mobility will also be encouraged by introduction of new technologies or technologically advanced solutions.


When you visit Celje during the Firefighting Olympics, you will learn that the town of the princely counts is also a town of sports, culture, neatly groomed green areas, and wonderful flowers. Moreover, you will certainly be impressed by a tour of historical, cultural, and tourist landmarks. The old town centre will have a particularly lively verve during your visit. With many events and hospitality services, the people of Celje will make sure your visit remains a wonderful memory.