Culinary knowledge combined with the urban environment reveals itself through the excellent catering services on offer – hotel restaurants, spaghetti houses, pizzerias, taverns with local food and various options of fast food will not leave you hungry.

Restaurant Oštirka

Linhartova ulica 6

3000 Celje

T: +386 (0)31 840 200

Chef Miran Ojsteršek and the team at Oštirka are inspired by Slovenian tradition and nature’s own pulse that lends their dishes a seasonal


We use locally grown produce from nearby farms to make dishes that

will surely please even the most fastidious guests.

Restaurant Francl

Zagrad 77

3000 Celje

T: +386 (0)3 492 64 60

We hardly know the taste of the food our grandmothers used to cook. But the Zaveršek family has been devoted to nurturing this tradition

since 1895.

From those days on, we welcome our guests at the same cosy house,

in the shade of the same old chestnut and linden tree in our garden, with the quiet rustle of the same well in the courtyard, and in the same traditional attire.

Recently, our food took an a slightly modern flair, as well as the

flavour of the local farms whose produce keeps our menus so diverse. Hence, there really is nothing better than Francl’s homemade cooking.

Restaurant and pub Stari pisker

Savinova ulica 9

3000 Celje

T: +386 (0)3 544 24 80

The Stari Pisker restaurant is devoted to its mission of

only serving top-quality food and drinks. Their broad offer will surely please

any epicure.

Hotel Evropa restaurant

Krekov trg 4

3000 Celje

T: +386 (0)3 426 90 00

You will be treated to a rich culinary offer and master chefs’ specials in a pleasant modern environment.

Restaurant Pri Kmetec

Zagrad 140 a

3000 Celje

T: +386 (0)3 544 25 55

This restaurant in the direct vicinity of the Old Castle prides on the historic design of its ambiance and delicious homemade food made

from locally grown produce from nearby farms.

Coffeehouse Prešernova 15

Prešernova 15a

3000 Celje

T: +386 (0)31 443 864

We offer exclusively Slovenian products in a pleasant and tranquil ambiance.

All or ingredients are certified and they come from various

Slovenian farms and producers