The mascot is an important element of all major sporting and other events. It represents the essence of what the organizer wants to communicate to all participants and other interested public. The mascot reflects the desired characteristics associated with the event and the participants, personified in various characters, which are usually persons, animals or objects. The mascot can also symbolizes the local or regional characteristics of the place or region where the event takes place.

All of the above was taken into account in the design of the mascot of the Firefighting Olympics Celje 2022, designed by CreativeLab, Creative Laboratory d. o. o. from Celje. The result is firefighter Flori, dressed in a firefighter’s protective suit, which primarily embodies the characteristics and values firefighters, such as courage, strength, camaraderie, and with the addition of knight’s armor and helmet, it symbolizes Celje as the place of the event. The name Flori is a derivative of the name Florjan and it is taken from the patron saint of firefighters, st. Florjan. Firefighter Flori will spread the spirit of firefighting and sports among the participants of the Firefighting Olympics Celje 2022 and connect and animate visitors of all generations.

Above all, he will be the ambassador of the firefighting, the city of Celje and good will. He will appear on the scene as a living mascot in human size, portrayed there will also be some promotional items that visitors will be able to buy as a keepsake.